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Architectural Systems

Ares Architectural Systems aims to offer correct and top-quality services to all its business partners with its elegant and stylish design, excellent insulation, cost effective solutions and wide range of products that meet all requirements of the projects.

Specially designed with the idea of ensuring safety and comfort at buildings, Ares Architectural Systems provide excellent performance of thermal, acoustic, water and air insulation. With its superior quality and durability against hard conditions; its consequently being preferred in all prestigious projects. Its product range includes modern structures that completely meet the green building requirements with their high thermal insulation and innovative technical solutions.


Aluminum Composite Panels

A1- A2 – B

Adding elegancy to exterior view of many prestigious projects in Turkey and worldwide, Aresbond U.S.A. composite panels are the dream choice of architects with their international certifications, highest level of fireproofness, broad color range, textured surface / special series and long lasting durability against hard conditions.

International certifications, top quality productions, A1- A2 – B class fire rated products, and custom production capabilities make Aresbond U.S.A a dream selection of architects and indispensable choice of the prestigious projects. Designed by Aldom Group and produced with the idea of being the new building material, Aresbond U.S.A. panels warrants durability against all weather conditions with their special mechanical and chemical bonding technology and PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon coating, also offers excellent performance and long-lasting integrity.


Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Aldom Aluminum Extrusion Profile Production Facilities creates a significant difference in aluminum sector with its integrated structure, premium quality assurance systems, latest technology production, and fast-flexible-customer oriented services.

With its annual production capacity of 11,000 tons of aluminum profiles and 8,000 tons of electrostatic powder coating, and top-quality anodized-coated products, Aldom Aluminum offers limitless options for many sectors from standard aluminum profiles to custom industrial profiles, from shower cabins to furniture, from flynets to railings, from wall sub-profiles to glass balconies, and more…