As ALDOM GROUP, this policy was established with the awareness that our most valuable capital which will convey as to the future years is the human resource. Our policy is implemented through the contemporary human resources management system which practices grounding on success.

  • Ensuring continuous development of our employees by investing in the competence and their any developable skills
  • Creating high-motivated employees who will provide competitive advantage
  • Making ALDOM GROUP a big family preferred to work in with its happy and committed employees.

As Aldom Group, we believe that preparing our employees for the future, increasing their efficiency and motivations, will improve our business results and service quality. Therefore, we determine the personal and professional development areas of our team fellows through performance assessment system and full cycle feedback methods aimed at improving our employee efficiency.

We organize personal and professional training programs which will ensure them to work more effectively and efficiently. As a continuously learning organization, we share the knowledge we gain from trainings and our business experiences, develop our skills and competences together.

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