In carrying out its activities, ALDOM serves its customers at suitable quality, timely and suitable price. It is aware of that quality can become real, through covering the activities of the organization holistically.

It minds to attain a common viewpoint at every stage of the organization. It performs all its operations in line with national and international legislation standards, and all relevant compliance obligations, and carries on its activities that would assure continuous compliance. It sets targets and goals to its operations under all these requirements. It prepares an environment where the employees will be satisfied in carrying out the operations. Integrated management supports development of sensitivity in every environment. It commits to carry out all its operations with the requirements of the management system and continuous development, in the belief that development can be endless with a team spirit covering the customers, employees, suppliers and all other business partners.


We work undauntedly to make a difference with a curious, participative and sharing spirit, by following the requirements of the time and creating new ideas, without fear of making mistakes, but by learning from them.


We have the human resource, know-how and knowledge that will enable us to do our job in the best way. We strive to get the best and most correct by sharing all information and details with our customers and business partners in every process.


We maintain our relations with all our customers and business partners on the basis of continuity, mutual trust and integrity. Our words, decisions and solutions are always consistent among themselves.


We are working with the effort of offering reliable, high quality products and services at all times with our 25 years experience, our innovative and dynamic structure, and with the importance we place on quality and product diversity.


Maintaining our position of being a leader, pioneer and reliable company, our priority target is to continue taking part in the internationally accepted projects and being a preferred solution partner with our customer-oriented approach, the quality and reliable service we offer.

Being a Correct and Lasting Example

In all our business relations, we act in line with the ethical rules and laws, adopting honest, fair, reliable and prudent work, on mutual goodwill and tolerance basis. We exert efforts for development of the sector we operate in. We strive for being a correct and lasting example.

Being Determined and Challenger

We work in a result-oriented manner. We keep our targets high, focus on our ultimate goal and target, see the big picture, take responsibility, and work with high motivation, without being daunted from any difficulty on the path to the result.